About Me

I am completing a master's program in Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. I also

work in several research labs across New York City, including the Experimental Psychopathology Lab with

Dr. David Kimhy, the Culture, Stigma and Psychosis lab with Dr. Lawrence Yang, and the READ lab with

Dr. Douglas Mennin.

I was born in Boston and spent most of my childhood in Singapore. I attended college at New York University's Stern School of Business where I majored in Finance and minored in Psychology. After college, I worked in investment banking and trading, focusing on distressed companies. I subsequently realized that I was more interested in researching and serving clinically distressed populations, particularly those with schizophrenia/psychosis, especially to understand:

  • How do various components of social cognition interact with each other?

  • How does emotion perception and processing go awry in schizophrenia?

  • Are there ways of measuring social functioning more holistically?

  • What is the mechanistic basis of self-stigma, particularly in terms of emotion-cognition interactions?

I am interested in using a multimodal approach, including psychophysiology, neuroimaging, ecological momentary assessment, and environmental data, in order to form a more complete understanding of how individuals with schizophrenia interact dynamically with their social environments over the course of the illness.

At some future time, I would like to design an ecological momentary intervention for social anhedonia. For instance, a brief online cognitive reappraisal intervention may reduce momentary paranoid ideation that may be preventing someone from wanting to leave their home to meet a friend. This is a thought in progress!